Scaffold Leg Assembly

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Approximate Weight4.0 lbs
Fits On4101, 4101-12K, 4101-18K, 4101-23K, 4102, 4102-12K, 4102-18K, 4102-23K, 4103, 4103-12K, 4103-18K, 4103-23K, 4121, 4122, 4201, 4201-12K, 4201-18K, 4201-23K, 4202, 4202-12K, 4202-18K, 4202-23K, 4202-28K, 4202-34K, 4202-39K, 4203, 4203-12K, 4203-18K, 4203-23K, 4203-28K, 4203-34K, 4203-39K, FRO, SNB-6U, SNB-8U, SWB-6U, SWB-8U
Kit Includes12 in. Round Threaded leg with Collar and Set Screw. Caster is NOT included
Plastic & MetalAluminum