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  1. Ladder Covers (1 PAIR)

    • Helps prevent damage to support surfaces.
    • Resists paints, stains, thinners and solvents.
    • Designed to "snap" over extension ladder rail end caps.
    • 1 PAIR ONLY
  2. Level-Master Automatic Leveler (Set of 2)

    • PK80-2 is not to be attached to an A3014-2 or A3016-2.
    • The original Shoes of a D1500 series ladder may replace the steel shoes on PK80-2
    • Parts for Werner Ladders and Green Bull ladders manufactured after 2001 only.
    • Adapter (36-9) Needed for D1100-2 , Guide Bracket Kit (36-14) needed for D1500-2, Wear Sleeve Adapter Kit (36-9) needed for A3000-2
  3. Levelok Leveler with 2 Base Units

    Parts for Green Bull Brand Ladders will ONLY fit on models after April 2001 (Mk 1 & Mk 2)

    Also works on MT series ladders

  4. Levelok Leveler (1 Leg)

  5. True Grip Adjustable Stabilizer

    • Span adjustment 49in, 57in or 65in
    • Stand-off distance 12in or 29-1/2in
    • Will NOT work on Multiladders
  6. Quickclick Adjustable Stabilizer

    • Will NOT work for Type 3 Aluminum Extension and Type 2 Fiberglass Extension Ladders.
    • Do not use in conjuction with ladder jacks using planks or stages
    • Span: 44 inch; Standoff: 10 inch
  7. Aluminum Fixed Stabilizer

    • Span 47in; Standoff 10in
  8. Aluminum Stepladder Hanger

    • Industrial Strength coated steel wire construction.
    • Hanger can be mounted on a wall to hold stepladders
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