Scaffold Features

Features on Scaffold Towers

Swedge-Master® Scaffold Joint Process
 • Provides consistently strong and tight internal and eternal joints.
 • Allows easier inspection than welded joints.
 • Standard on all scaffold connections.

Swedge-Master® Scaffold Joint Process
 • Spring-loaded hook snaps on easily.
 • Releases manually.
 • Goes 3/4 on the way around the brace it hooks onto for increased stability.
Swedge Master
Interlock Pin Assembly
 • Steel pin secures upper and lower sections.
 • Spring steel clip keeps pin with scaffold.
 • Easy-to-use thumb tab engaging/disengaging pin.
 • Frame has storage hole for locating pin assembly
   (when not in use).
Interlocking Pin Assembly
Snap-Up Locking Mechanism
 • Automatically locks when fully extended;
   easily unlocks by pushing on thumb release.
 • Corrosion-resistant "elbow latches".
Locking Mechanism
Adjustable Locking Leg
 • Provides quick and easy adjustment up to 12".
 • Standard on all narrow and wide span base sections.
Adjustable Locking leg
5" Ball Bearing Non Marring Caster with 2-Way Lock
 • 2 way lock prevents rolling and swiveling.
 • Caster is rust resistant.
Caster with 2-Way Lock